Strengthening Our Community

Through Youth Sports

Team sports participation from children ages 6-12 has declined almost 15% nationwide since 2012.

(Source: Sports & Fitness Industry Association)

Multiple studies show that America’s youth continue to be less active on a daily basis. The Bullpen Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization focused on reenergizing and improving the overall experience of community-based youth athletic programs and leagues.

I never felt more at home than at a ball game.

The Connection

The Bullpen Foundation works alongside community park associations to identify opportunities to increase park participation and have a positive team experience. Our mission is to connect parks and programs to impactful resources from the community.

Build A Future That Lasts A Lifetime

The years I spent playing sports as a kid were some of the happiest and most memorable times of my life. I learned how to be a good teammate and a leader. I learned so many life lessons from coaches who were at the park volunteering their time and investing in me and my teammates. Much of who I am today in the workplace and community, I can trace back to those days in the dirt. The Bullpen Foundation is about ensuring future generations continue to have those opportunities.

The Bullpen Foundation, Leveling the Playing Field

Creating positive, formative experiences and strengthening communities by supporting and energizing youth sports through providing financial resources, equipment and materials, coaching and training, and volunteering.